The "Loby" Behind Loby's Lids
Loby's Lids and Creations is an independently owned and operated shop, focused on providing its patrons with beautifully crafted beverage covers and other wonderful product.

The name pays homage to the spirit of my mother, Lorene "Loby" Berry, who taught me how to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. I can remember as far back as the mid '60s, when there were gatherings at our home with music, food, games and beverages abound. While outdoors, drinks unattended would welcome insects, and my Mom would have me get her lace "doilies" to protect the drinks!

In that same way, these designs were born from my desire to create a better way to cover my beverage from nature's creatures when out and about, alleviating the current habit of covering your beverage with a napkin when you need to step away from it.